8kw Motor For Sale

I just bought this 8kw motor and was going to put it in my 2016 E4.

I decided not to install it. It has not been drilled yet.

Selling it for exactly what I have in it.

$1000 plus shipping.

Located in the Chicago area.


@mikekc do you have parts to build a kit for late model classic gem?
Scott needs to get a clients car running asap.

I am Washington DC until Sat. I can look when I return.

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Do you still need a PCB built? Just got back to town and can look around for the parts if still needed.

@AssyRequired. @ScottyD
Need anything?
I’m not confident doing it myself.
@MikeKC Scott has a working pcb but wired for pmac. In theory, it is easiest to add the ac motor harness direct to Sevcon 35p?

Yes, I agree. I think the only wires that need changed are the encoder wires. Those will go straight from the motor to the 35P Sevcon. Should not have to change the PCB.

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And if grant was up to it, he could reprogram as well. Flashing is not for the faint of heart.

or if they want to ship it to me I can re-flash it.

I would vote for that. You could read throttle data from the old one.
This is the new style throttle. 5v dc-dc and we reverse something. Do you keep better notes than I do?

haha, probably not - but if you talking about flipping the throttle bit I think I have those notes. I defiantly have some DCF’s to look at. Is this an S6 or S4?
I don’t know what DCF you would want to use for and S6 - I have plenty for an S4.

I prefer to send him a programed s4. Something we know works.
I dont think that we’ve ever overpowered a s4.