Classic Gem 8kw motor kit

I have an unused @Inwo and @MikeKC 8KW kit sitting in the original shipping. With the adapter harness and so on.

New Sevcon Gen4 AC Controller
New AC 8Kw motor
Controller Programming for GEM
PCB board to use factory GEM switches, wiring harnesses
Phase Battery Wire Cables
All could be shipped by mid next week. On stock wheels and tires that will put you at about `48mph,

I also have two “project” eXL GEMS a 2009 roller and 2011 non-roller I bought for parts that I never got around to fixing up. With doors, 7HP DC motors not batteries or controllers. Bring a trailer. :slight_smile:

I know I’m late to the thread, but my attention has moved on and it’s time to move the kit and GEMS on.

Moved post to help you get it sold.

@FUNDAD was looking for an 8kw kit a few months ago. Not sure if hes still in the market or not

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@JarJarJava Thanks for having my back bro. I was able to find one so all good here.


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@Clarke_KY I need it! Can I call you when I get into the shop? Scotty

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Thank Dave, so some reason the site wasn’t letting me post in the for sale section…

Sure @ScottyD - I’ll PM you my number.

Sold! Thanks everyone!

I’ll be posting the two eXL gems soon. One a roller and one a parts source.

I have one I’m not using. How much did you sell it for?