GEM purchase decision

So I have a 2013 E2 with the stake bed and the KingHappy/HappyKing/Li-onKing/LithiumGod 80v battery upgrade and 7,5hp motor, running on 3 years now. Anyway, wifey wants a 4 seater and as I said earlier, I was highly disappointed in the new GEMs acceleration, and then INWO said that the fix is in for those. Now with all the other NEV’s/LSV’s coming out with standard Lithium builds, like the Samsung, but I think they’re only 48v, what is the best route to go? She’s throwing things at me like the EZGo Liberty, to which I reply that it’s not a LSV, so I can’t get it plated, and I’m definitely not getting a Garia, because I just don’t like the look. Anyway, I still think I could buy a new/late model E4, and fix it up for less than what it would take to get another brand. Thoughts?

There will be a couple hot rod E4’s on the market soon.
You might be able to get it ordered in a couple weeks for one of the builders on here.
I may take a few Months to get titled and running.
@grantwest @Erniea15 @MikeKC @djgabriel2004
Gabe is looking at a Dustin lifted cart that he could “fix” and flip.

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what is the best route to go?

Tough for us to make such a decision for you with the information you provided.

Time for you to do some soul searching…
Now that you have been running the e2 for 3 years, how has that been for you?
Did you convert the car yourself?
Is this something you want to do again?
Is the e4 package going to fit your needs?
would your wife like something more commercial like a real EV. (highway speeds, fully enclosed, more range)

It would be fantastic if you posted an honest summary of how your car has been working out.

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I will have my 2016 E4 for sale shortly.
Ground up build -
Tesla Model 3 battery pack - 99v
8kw Motor
Sevcon S4
12.1 Gears - brand new (50mph)
PM me if you want to talk about it.


Sorry I didn’t include more. Wifey doesn’t like going over 30-35, so it doesn’t have to be a hot rod, though she does like the rapid acceleration to get out of the way if necessary. She hates the doors, after driving some E4’s with them, she said she felt claustrophobic.

Mike sent me the batteries and reprogrammed the charger. I installed everything myself, and would easily do it again.

Personally, I like the E2, but again, she wants a 4 seater forward facing, so I’m tasked with that! I told her no to the limo style 6 seaters.

I would suggest you to go with an oem E4 then Add lithium then reprogram it for 35mph .

I agree with her about doors, beach buggy style no doors is what I like,


2016+ vs classics are night and day. (Caveat being that I went from 2 extremes 2000 → 2016). 35-40 was terrifying and just a bad ride in my old one, now I’ll hop on 35 mph roads all the time. Also, just because it CAN go faster doesn’t mean you have to go that fast. Not like you take your car and rip 100mph all over the place. Just lay off the pedal and it’s nice to have the power when you need it.

Agree with gabe. You should be able to meet your needs easily with lithium and OEM programming.

I’m all in for the GEMs. I’ve done lithium and upgraded motors in 2 ezgos. Great setups but Scary over 25mph.

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Thanks Erniea15! That’s great insight. There’s nothing more valuable than real world experience. I’ve just got to lay out some of these comments to my wife, then lay down the law! GEM!

RIP Gabe. We hardly knew ye, about as much as you knew that GEMs have no DOT/NTSB rollover ratings.

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I’m new at this…both the forum and GEM cars. Also trying to make a purchase decision and didn’t know if I should start a new post or jump in here. It seemed redundant, so here I am.

I need advice about purchasing a 2002 Polaris GEM E825 with a flatbed. It seems to be in great condition but I know very little. Price is $4600. Not only am I wondering about the price, I’m wondering if this vehicle is what I need to use for gardening and yard work. How will it do in loose dirt, mud, steep hills? Will it haul much weight?
I’m sorry if I’m in the wrong place but from what I’ve read, it seems like this was the best place to find the answers I need.
Thanks so much for any help you can offer.

2002 will be fine for a truck. 2002 ride like, well, a truck.
Front wheel drive will not do well on steep hills due to traction, but should have ample power.

Is this a local purchase? Your location?

Thanks for the reply. Yes, it is a local purchase. I’m in North Carolina. I’m still wondering about the price.

Price is what it’s worth to you.
I asked about location as my Emmy (em-1400) is for sale. But im in mn.
I hade a classic Gem el and a new elhd. Both were useful utility vehicles.

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2002 ouch… I wouldn’t buy it. I would look for a 2006 and up.

If you need a Funnier answer about what you can do with it wait for @JarJarJava s answer :slightly_smiling_face:

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A GEM is front drive, no limited slip, so 1 wheel drive anytime traction is limited. Proper off road tires will help, as will chains. A Gem will back up better than go forward.
Any weight behind the rear axle will make it will make it worse
I suppose an older model is slightly better, since 2 of the batteries are in front

Rear wheel drive Gem. Shameless plug!

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The best use for any 00-04 GEM is target practice. Follwed by lighting it on fire, crushing it with a bulldozer and then shooting the pieces into a decaying orbit around the sun.

They have a horrible suspension design, ride like pile drivers, the motors are anemic, the brakes suck, the frame area around the rear shock mounts on the truck model is prone to cracking, the steering stinks, the original battery chargers are pretty much at the end of their lifespan, the steering column is held in place by a single 3/4" sheet metal weld that tends to break and drop the wheel in your lap when you hit one too many bumps or potholes. Probably a few more issues I don’t recall offhand right now.

Loose dirt, maybe. Depends how loose. If you are talking silt or sand, the gems tend to try to dig a hole and crawl into it. Mud, depends how deep and how sticky. Steep hills, not well.

For the conditions you describe and the cost, you’d be better off buying an old 4wd gas polaris ranger.


I have a rear drive EZgo [lifted, off road tires] which has gotten stuck numerous times when facing downhill,
Even going uphill, it quickly runs out of traction on anything soft or slippery, even running the atv tires at 7-8 psi

Most 2wd tractors have differential lock to help with the one wheel drive problem
I wonder if this can be done to a GEM gearbox?

I have M+S tires on my 2013, but have gotten stuck at icy intersections waiting for a light. The slight incline many intersections have, require “heating up” the tires. Noticeably better with a passenger

I’ll keep an eye out for some used Miata or Prius rims with studded snow tires from some broke skier this summer…
Probably overkill as this year is the coldest winter in decades, most years I’d be hoping summer wouldn’t get here too quick in March

I dont do farcebook.
Is this the stripped down one?