8kW AC motor anyone have a spare?

No way!! You got it to fit on that trailer!?! I went to pick up @smspring’s gem with aftermarket wheels and it was 1/2 inch too wide to fit. Was it a tight fit?? @mikekc… check it out

Pretty clean install!.

I think he’s committed! I don’t know anyone that’s done the high voltage conversion that’s regretted it.

That U-Haul is great but they should fire the engineer that designed the ramp opening :rofl:

Dave i’m all in like Ernie said. I rather get the best setup possible and have no regrets. This thing had quite a hell of a time climbing the small hill on the street, i have much steeper hills to climb than this if i want to go visit my folks with this thing.

Ernie, I swear i don’t know how we got this to fit. Before i booked the trailer, i looked at the Gem e4 Spec which is 112 x 55.5" and the trailer has a ramp that is only 58.5" so I figured ok I can make it fit with 1.5" to spare on each side. Well come to find out when you have the door they stick out a good 1.5" on each side. So there was no room to spare and it took us probably 20-30 mins to load and and unload it by pressing the door in as it was slowly creeping in. On load one of the doors got a little scuff so ill have to buff it out and if not get it painted but it was an experience I don’t want to have again and my poor wife who is driving and i’m guiding and pulling and pushing the damn thing while she transitions from brake to gas. The u-haul Auto transport was too wide so the wheels would sit about only 0.3" on each wheel. I had no choice but to go with this knowing it was a tight fit on the sides. Not to mention the length i could barely close the ramp. the trailer hitch took a bit of a beating while i’m going to just cut about 1/4" with a cut off wheel to make it square again and paint it. I don’t know how people normally transport these things but u-haul is not the answer.

I do need to pick your guys brain. When i go with this HV setup I assume i can use a J1772 plug instead of the factory Delta plug and charger?

What i want to do is relocate the charger to the rear instead

Never assume with a HV conversion… LOL -
But depending on the charger @djgabriel2004 has something that can help you out with that :slight_smile:

Let’s try this again in a different way
What are your goals with this car?
Previously you stated that:

  • it will be your wife’s Daily driver.

  • you have a need to do 50
    How much of the time will be going this fast?

  • What kind of range are you needing?
    Note that this is directly and inversely related to the above bullet point. Speed EATS range. Plan accordingly.

  • What terrain will you be running the car in?
    Are you up in the hills? (sounds like it)

Thanks Mike I’ll ping Gabriel about it. I’m still waiting for @LithiumGods to get back to me on the charger for the list Ernie put together

Hi Byron,

Dave said i can get roughly 30miles with the new Samsung SDI setup and add more in parallel if i need more range down the road so that should be enough for now. Now i’m aware driving habits terrain all affect range. I have an EV already so I’m familiar enough.

Terrain there is hills and some steeper than others. Speed wise the 50mph is when i’m on the main road for a good 2-3 miles with a few stop signs in between i would need to maintain 45mph not to piss off anyone behind me.

I’m committed to the setup already so right now just trying to make sure i have all the parts lined up for the build.

If the sdi isn’t big enough, you can trade it in for one of my bigger ones. lots of options. I have the high out put 1500w Deltaq chargers. 50% bigger than the factory charger. can program it from 80-98v

Thanks appreciate it. I’ll be in touch for sure as i go through the process of buying the components and doing surgery on this thing.

I have a j1772 fast charger for the 22s SDI battery.
At 29a over twice as fast as the 72v DQ.
Grant J1772 elete2.jpeg
Grant J1772 elete1.jpeg
I think Grant has the only one in the field.

LG’s charger will work with any battery. My J1772 only works up to 22s (90v) battery.

@LithiumGods would that DeltaQ trigger a normal breaker?
Will it charge a 15s battery at 27A??

it will trigger always on and always off.

I think it will do 12A at 120 and 20A at 240 - capable of both.

72v I believe. I wasn’t aware of dq limiting power at 120vac.
Now i need to look it up.

Hi Guys just went out to check the gem and the display says CTR when it is charging. What does that mean? I’m pretty sure one of the GEL battery is bad, after overnight charging only 75% of the charge. not concerned but more curious what CTR is

Charging time remaining

Hi Gabriel actually it says ETR 7:17 right now. so that means by 7:17 it should reach full charge i assume

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so that means by 7:17 it should reach full charge

Did you set the clock? Does it somehow know what time it is?
Chances are it is telling you that at the current rate the car will take 7 hrs 17 mins?

hi Byron, good point, not sure if the clock was set, it was charging overnight last night with standard charger 120V circuit is 20A, nothing else was running didn’t plug in kill-a-watt meter to check to see how much it was pulling or checking the tesla gateway2 app info. I was just wondering if it was some error, didn’t see a code so thats good for what its worth.