Zivan smoother or flooded lead?

Hey, I saw a review online of a Zivan ‘smoother’ that is able to monitor each battery in a string and is the voltage of a single unit drops too low, it is charged slightly from the other batteries.

This seems like it would be a great way to not destroy AGM/gel batteries by overcharging as a result of 1 or 2 ‘weak’ batteries existing in the string.

But I can’t seem to find a parts supplier that sells this thing.

Do you think I would ultimately be better off using the 6 or 8 volt flooded lead acid golf cart batteries that come so highly recommended?

I’m still in the planning stage and AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries seem like a low maintenance and attractive option.



any word on cost comparison?

the nice thing about gel batteries is they dont leak, and they are better in cold weather/not being used for a while.

AGM and Gel batteries share a few characteristics; non-spill, install on their sides, low maintenance, etc. However, they have very different charging needs. Gells are very easy to damage, while AGM’s are pretty tough.

I’m not a EV owner (yet) but do live “off the grid” about 180 days a year with solar and batteries.

Here are two links to some general info and more about Gell and AGMs. These folks are talking about solar power, but it’s the same batteries.


Thanks for the replies, the smoother is out of production and used to cost about $1000. I found a device called the ‘equilize powercheq’ that goes between batteries in a string for $60 each. You need n-1 devices where n= the number of batteries you have. Potential downfall is they can’t be wired between front/rear packs, presumably b/c of the resistance of the length of wire required but I’m not sure. So still, $650 or more for these babies.