Looking to replace my AGM batteries

I presently have Duracell 31DTMAGM batteries in my 2001 e825. They have come to the end of their life and I want to replace them. I use a Zivan charger and it has worked fine. Any recommendations on batteries that are in the $200 range. I don’t drive this more than 5 miles and use it a couple of times a week. A few hills but much of my travel is level. I don’t want to do a conversion at this point in time. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Should I stay with AGM or switch to flooded

How well did the last set work for you?

  • performance
  • range
  • lifespan
  • cost

If all this worked well for you then stick with what works. Easy swap, no changes.

Are you between me in mn. and in. or nj.?
@GHTransport is heading that way. I have a good set of 2 year old polaris Gels. Removed for lithium upgrade.
I believe @LithiumGods has a small lithium battery for not much more than your budget.

without getting into the weeds about about attributes AGM, GEL and Lithium. The typical flooded batteries are Pb used for starting we (in the industry) call those SLI batteries (starting, lighting and ignition). However, our GEM’s are more for cyclic applications (cycling, sometimes deep discharging) similar to your typical fishing/trolling application.

Long story short, my recommendation is to use GEL, due to cyclic application and better vibration resistance than your typical Pb SLI battery (which as little vibration resistance, look at the issues with Polaris Rzr, typical auto SLI battery used in high vibration, they should have used a powersports battery which is tested similarly to a paint can shaker).

Hope that helps.