Need new batteries for a 2009 GEM4

Need new batteries for a 2009 GEM4. What is the best bang for my money?

For the Flooded lead acid route. I have always had good luck with the Deka Gells. I wound not waste your money on battery’s you need to top off with water.

Some guys here buy/sell gems and they use and install the ElCheepo’s & they seem to like them.

Sams Club has the Duracell the Type 31 AGM for considerably less than the SAME battery at Polaris dealers.
Made by Deka, they are re-labeled as Duracell

Thanks. I have the original GEM gel batteries now. If I went to AGM batteries would they be compatible with my charging system that is the original to the car?

Probably have to change the profile on the charger, but otherwise, yeah.

Gemmy , The Duracells are not the same battery as the polaris factory battery . Factory batteries are Gel and Duracells are Agm . Agm is better then regular batteries but not as good as Gels for longevity .

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Clarke ,

Agm will work fine with your Gem but you MUST change the charger profile or they will die in less than a year . The profile is the same as the flooded batteries

Thanks for verifing. I thought that might be a problem.

Thank you for the information.

Thank you. For the cost differential between the Duracell and the gels, I should be able to have enough left over take care of the controller issue.

Controller issue?

Do you mean the charger profile? I’m only passingly familiar with the DeltaQ chargers, so all I can comment on is that AFAIK you can change the profile one of two ways: 1) having it partially connected and tapping wires together / using a momentary push button switch and scrolling through them essentially, or 2) renting a programming cable and hooking up a laptop.

I know a few guys here have the cables. @Inwo @LithiumGods @grantwest maybe one of them can help out there or knows who else has a cable.

@LithiumGods: is changing the profile something a Layman can do?

@LithiumGods: I stand corrected ! thanks for clarification

yes , an end user can change his own profiles . You tube videos on how to do it . Not complicated but meticulous .

Need help. Finally got the new batteries, but have forgotten which post the two orange (could be red) and black wires connect to on the first battery. Should have taken a picture before taking them off to try to slow charge the old batteries. Wrote it down, but can’t find my notes.

@Clarke The 2 red/blk wires go to a ring terminal on the Negative post of first battery .
Which batteries did you end up with and did you have to change charger algorithm?

Thanks for the info. Where do these wires lead from that they need to be grounded?

I bought 6 Deka 8G31 Gel Deep Cycle 12V 108Ah @100 Hr rate batteries. Cost including tax and shipping was a little over $1650. I just swapped them with the original GEM gel batteries that were in the car. They look the same and are the same size. They were fully charge when delivered. Supplier information upon request.

Did recharge the batteries after a couple of trips. Charged right up, no need to reprogram the charging algorithms. On the road again!

Thanks again for your help

I believe this is correct.

The ring terminal is not a ground, but the sensor from the charger.

Do you care to share the supplier information? I need to replace my batteries as well. Also, did you think about converting to the 9x8v setup vs the 6x12v? I currently have 6x12v but I’m thinking of going to 9x8v or maybe attempting the lithium conversion. I just don’t know if I have the technical ability to pull it off.

Anyone can do the green cells.
Use 5 x 16 volt batteries about the same size as the 12v being replaced.
Connect in series using the same cables.
Will work alone, but getting the charger reprogrammed is best.
Also I can supply balance boards. No wiring needed. Bolt one to each cell.

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