Time for battery replacement

After seven and one-half years, the factory GEL batteries in my ’09 GEM eS are starting to fade and I’ll need to replace them soon. As much as I like the idea of Lithium, I’m just not electrically savvy enough to feel comfortable with the installation/maintenance.

I don’t have the discipline to maintain flooded batteries. I know the NAPA-branded GEL’s are well thought of on this board. It appears that AGM batteries are much cheaper than GEL.

Are there any downsides to using the AGM batteries?

Can I reprogram the charger in my ’09 to a GEL-happy setting?

Recommendations and opinions gladly received.

The Gem charger can’t be programmed for AGM. As far as I know. Rodney says that the flooded setting is ok.
The Gem charger can have new sw installed for AGM. However it is no longer a Gem charger.
I don’t have the sw to put it back to stock once changed.

Thanks Inwo, How is the charger re-programmed? I checked the deltaq.com website you referenced and can’t find any information. Do I have a deltaQ charger?

I just went through this the the previous owner had a set of AGM batteries installed and the the charger was set for GEL. I contacted the people who sold her the AGMs and they offered to have the charger reprogrammed for a small fee. What they found is after they did that the charger did not see the batteries and would not charge - He ended up putting charger back to GEL and at his expense putting in new GEL batteries. Good for me and a rare dealer who steps up to do the right thing. If in Northern California use JJ’s golf Carts in Modesto, Ca Short version AGMs will not work with GEM Charger. Mine is a 2012

My 2009 has AGM’s and works fine on flooded setting #13


The AGM profile can be added to the Gem charger. It won’t work though. Just as you said. Gem seems to have taken great pains to prevent using AGM.

My charger, kind of works, when set to #13. It won’t finish the cycle and errors out.
For an AGM profile to work in a Gem dq, sw needs to be changed. It is then a standard non-Gem dq charger.

“Flooded setting #13” is Greek to me. I assume it’s a setting on the charger. If so, how does one change the setting?

Could you elaborate. What does “won’t finish” mean? What errors do you get?

Have lithium in it now, so I can’t check.
It was error 3 I believe. Time out.
A non gem charger set to flooded would finish the cycle ok. Never trusted it though.

The reason for different charger settings is because AGM and GEL have different charge-discharge profiles. The GEL will handle more deep cycling than AGM. Using flooded battery settings will shorten live of battery. Use in a car with continuous on board charger is different than deep cycle service where battery is drawn down then recharged. Good example is most smart chargers will not charge a battery which has been discharged below 8-10 volts depending on charge profile.

Does the NAPA BAT8272 Gel have the same screw posts as the DEKA 8G31? The NAPA site is a bit confusing – it appears to have both. My local dealer has none in stock to look at.
If someone who has purchased these could let me know, it would be much appreciated.

The NAPA battery is made by DEKA, the same company that makes the GEM 8G31. The difference is that the battery is duel terminal and the threaded terminals are 5/16 instead of 3/8.

The only thing I do when making the swap is cut the corners off the 2 front battery hold-downs to provide clearance for the additional battery posts. Depending on which hold-downs are in your car, this may not be required.

Perfect. Thanks much for the info.