2005 gem E2 Charger setting

We have a 2005 Gem E2 all Oem that had gel batteries and we want to change to Agms. I am told our charger will not charge enough to charge them and we need a new charger. We have tried to change the algorithm but can only find flooded and gel in it. Any ideas ?

Hi Sac,
Did you already buy your batteries yet?
I’c curious what drove you to AGM?

What Ser# is your Charger? It will start with four letters- Something like DQCP. If it has a big black dot on a sticker after that it would be a good thing.

Depending on what charger is in your car you may/may not have an issue. If original 05 DQ, they had a Gem specific set of profiles loaded in from factory.
If the charger has been swapped out with something newer it may have a totally different set to choose from.

Sometimes they can be real stubborn to switch to another profile.

What profiles are you seeing in there? .There is a chance that another profile will work.

Here is a picture of the charger, sorry for the angle.
It looks like it’s OEM
We are a dealer for Vmax tanks batteries they don’t sell gel. Only agm or life. Just not much experience with gem cars.That’s why I ask.

Thanks Bret

Also, I went thru the algorithms and all I could find was gel or flooded but neither is enough voltage as it should be between 86.4 -89.4 when fresh off the charger I am told. I had the luxury of having the tool to change the algorithms and supposedly the charger should have the agm setting but could not get it to show. And yes the new agms are it but they will not come to a full charge.

Thanks Bret

Your charger is a Gem specific charger. It is not programable and does not have agm setting.
Any Gem service guy would know this but not necessarily a dq or battery guy?
Now that you found us, ie @AssyRequired and crew, ask first before buying.
In your case, no choice, so set to flooded setting, or use a different charger to top them off once in a while.
A used dq charger can be found for $150 to $500 sometimes.
Ask first though to make sure it has agm setting or is programmable.

Look at this tag to see if its new enough.
Ps. You have dqcp but lacking the dot.

That’s what I was afraid of.
Thank you !