Need New Batteries

Do not want to buy new batteries from GEM…too expensive. Should I purchase gel, AGM or flooded? I know they need to be deep cycle but what is “golf car rated?” What about marine batteries? Too many choices. What is the best choice maximizing amp-hour capacity while minimizing cost? Any suggestions anyone?

  1. What is the terraine your driving on? Flat - Hilly ???

2 How long are you going to keep the car?

3 Normal passenger load

4 Required Range. NOTE: Not wish, rather honest minimum.

What batteries are in it now? What year? Gel or flooded, not marine.

Terrain here is flat as Kansas. Going to keep the car forever. It is in excellent condition. Wife drives to work and back every day. Load is one to two people 99% of the time. Work is five miles away and the vehicle is charged at either end of the trip. Present batteries are GEM and 3-4 years old. We are approaching a change out. TS

Would suggest Trojan Gels or Flooded if you don’t mind checking water monthly. With T1275s you wouldn’t have to charge as often because they are 150 hour batteries,

Ditto recommendation on Trojan batteries. The T1275 might need some mechanical work to get them to fit since they’re larger than stock. Trojan 30XSH will work without any mods required but aren’t quite as “beefy” as T1275.


Trojan 30XSH have same capacity as your present batteries and should give you a range of 20+ miles.

Gel’s will give you about the same performance with less maintenance requirements.

DEKA AGMs are also a good choice.

If you belong to AAA you can get a discount on batteries from NAPA AUTO parts store. The gel batteries they sell are made by Deka, the same company that makes original batteries for Gem. If you change the type of battery (from gel to flooded or Agm) that’s in it now you may have to reprogram the charger. Gels are great, but expensive, because there is no maintenance. Trojans or Dekas. Don’t buy Costco or Walmart marine batteries because they are cheaper. They probably won’t last as long. Barry🚄

I cannot believe all the good info I have received in just 24 hours. Will let you know how it goes. Gentlemen, thank you. TS

The temptation will be to buy “marine deep-cycle” batteries because they are substantially cheaper - for a reason. [B]Resist[/B] the temptation, they will NOT last very long (maybe couple of years at best) - believe me, been there, done that. They are simply not up to the task of deep discharge the way GEM’s are used. Nor are they designed for that application. The only commonality between the two types of batteries is the name “deep cycle”.