What brand of agm batteries for gem

I need to know what brand / size for 09 e2 model. And where to purchase thanks

Or gel cell ? What would have come from factory. Thanks

Gel batteries by far . will significantly outlast agm . Deka was the original provider but any 31 gel will do

DEKA 8A31DTM Group 31 AGM Battery from NAPA is replacement for stock GEM AGM. No changes to charger required.

Napa in my area are $345 a piece

Can i use duracell model slag-70p ?
I found that battery at batteryplus for $259

That’s only a 70Ah battery. You can use it, but you won’t go very far.

You have a ballpark geuss on the range using that battery

2009 uses agm batteries?

Other people have posted previously about trying to use Group 24 batteries with reduced capacities in the Gems. Maybe half the range or less, IIRC. Batteries also wore out pretty quickly.

Yes INWO, AGM was a factory option. I ordered them in my GEM.

So post 2009 chargers have agm profiles? My 2010EL did not. Strange.
I know Polaris uses AGM now!

I am picking up NAPA group 31 Gel batteries tomorrow for $273 a piece. I went to my local NAPA to ask about these batteries and showed them my online quote to have shipped to store for $278 a piece after 20% discount code and he came in under that. Curious, what did you wind up going with ? Also i believe AAA members get 10% off

I would advise against group 31 batteries, especially in an e6. The performance and range will be disappointing. If your going to put in lead acid batteries, I’d suggest going with a set of GC8 batteries from Sam’s club. They are both a much better battery and also cheaper for the pack (about $100 each). These are 8v batteries (like what came in it) so you will need 9 of them.