GEM e2 2009 Deka vs Northstar Batteries

Hi guys,

I have the original Deka GEL batteries that came with the GEM e2 2009. I need replacement of the batteries. I know Trojan AGM batteries are really good choice. Have any of you used NorthStar Batteries? A gentlemen that repairs Gem is selling me a set for $320 each. Don’t know if to buy Original GEL’s, Northstar, or convert to Lithium.

Pulse cranking amps 2150 A
CCA rating at -18°C (0°F) 1150 A
CA/MCA rating at 0°C (32°F) 1370 A
Reserve capacity 220 min
Capacity - 20 hour rate (1.75 vpc) 103 Ah
Internal resistance 2.2 mΩ @ 25°C (77°F)
Short circuit current 5000 A
Warranty 4 years full

Specifications indicate this is a STARTING service unit. Your original batteries were DEEP CYCLE. They served you well. Why do you want to change? There are AGM DEEP CYCLE batteries available in the price range you mentioned. I suggest you check further. DEEP CYCLE battery construction is different. Plates are thicker to not warp with constant heavy charge rates. Suggest you do a little research. Starting batteries will work for awhile but constant deep discharging and heavy recharging will eat them up.

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Northstar are great batteries but when it comes to deep cycle a Gel will outlast them .Get the Deka gels or lithium if you want extended range and increased performance .

I saw another post where there are 3 capacities for Lithium and distance ranges. Whats the ball park price for a lithium conversion?


A 10kwh from Polaris is ~$10k 80 mile range listed.
Drop in 12v lithium ~$1200x6. Not all will work at 72v.
A 10kw Chevy battery wired to drop in is $2500-$3500.
When available a small 20m set of green lifepo4 ~$1500
Ask @LithiumGods about a set of new BMW batteries.

Sounds expensive but lithium is too much for my price range.

I just saw the special on NAPA for East Penn batteries (Deka). BAT 8272. I might pull the trigger today.

Wait to hear from lithiumgods. :wink:

Yeah I just called NAPA for the Deka gel batteries and i’m not feeling it. Warranty is 3 months free replacement and 24 months pro-rated. I will check into Lithium. I saw Allan Bullocks Chevy volt system and BMW batteries. Which ones are the to go system?

Do NOT do Allan’s volt set up , does not work well in Gems . We are working on the new BMW setup now , have a few more things to do before it is ready for sell .

Here is a educational piece on lithium’s for Gems .

Thanks for asking first. Allan’s “72” volt batteries are actually 66v. Worthless in a gem as they can only deliver 25% capacity. His answer, “buy two sets”.
Don’t get burned!

I have a 22s Volt battery here that I took out of my brothers truck to install larger.
It is wired with plug in smart bms set at 300 amps.
Not sure about shipping as I would need to unplug the bms. Then it’s not 100% ready to plug and play.


Good news. After being on the shelf for 6 months, still looks good.
Found the LCD for it that connects with cat-5 to cable.