Replacement Batteries for 2007 e4: GEL vs AGM

I bought a used 2007 e4 about 5 years ago and was told the GEL batteries in them were new. On a recent 2 mile trip, going up a slight hill, they went from showing 80% charge to 20% charge almost instantaneously. I live in the Nevada desert so the heat in the garage may have affected the batteries and now I need new ones (I have them load tested and they all discharge quickly).

My questions:

  1. Are AGM batteries a better alternative than GEL batteries?

  2. If I switch to AGM batteries, will the controller need to be reprogramed? If so, how does one do that.

Any advice is appreciated.

They work but are not supported by Gem or Gem DQ charger.
You can get by, setting charger to #13. That’s what I do. Not perfect though. My charger will not finish cycle.

Thanks, Inwo. Where do you set the charger to #13? My charger is built into the vehicle and I do not see any knobs or switches of any kind to change settings. Are you referring to a 2007 vehicle or an earlier model?

DeltaQ changes profiles by disconnecting B+ lead from charger and “tapping”.
Easier said than done.
I’ll invite Rodney to help out.

I have a 2002 and the “field programming” method DeltaQ uses is horrible. I worked on it for months and was unable to successfully complete both stages of the task. I then called around, found a golf cart shop who had the dongle which connects the charger to a laptop. With the software it took about 10 seconds to update. My advice is to call around. It isn’t difficult to pull charger out of cart. Hardest was the remote LED on the dash.

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Scroll down to Polaris manual.

I have AGM’s in my 09 and no trouble charging. Really like the AGM’s How ever they are going downhill and I will be replacing with Trojan T1275’s. 150 AH. I like the range. Lithium is OK but makes the cart hard to sell.

AGM’s do well on flooded profile.

How about putting in a 20s pack with no other Changes?
Keep the pack and sell it with a new set of batteries.
Theoretically, don’t even need to change charger. Lithium don’t care about profile. They’ll take whatever
You give them. At most use a spring timer. They don’t like trickle charge.
There are 75ah 20s packs on ebay for $1300 that should drop in.
Should outrun 150ah lead. Plus leave room for a second set.

9L x 7W x 6H each battery 4 of them are $1550 delivered. Which is 75ah 84v peak just like lead charger.