Zivan - Happy on the outside

I ran into this issue today and thought I’d share in case someone else runs into something like it.


  • Zivan boots up, fan runs, and goes to yellow light.

  • This install had the advantage of having a JK BMS on the battery this charger was feeding. The BMS was showing 0 amps when Charger was showing yellow light.

  • A meter on the charger output plug shows Pack V(B+)

  • When Round Din plug disconnected there is no change (except Yellow light is out)

  • When Bat plug disconnected, the charger errors with audible alarm and Red Flashing light. (So the charger sees the Pack just fine)

  • Yep- When fan is going there is a toasted electronics smell.

Opening up the Charger finds this:

Note the red arrow points to a leg of the torroid no longer having much of a home. Not sure if the Cap has let out it’s smoke or not.

Is this the result when a plasma conduit bursts?

This charger was working fine a couple days ago.

Do you want a zivan to replace it?

Not at this time. I installed one of my DQ’s for now. We’ll see if I can find a replacement.

I got the DQ in under the dash but I’m not totally sold on that being the best spot. When the DQ runs Stage 6 for a while that thing gets hot!! This is when the dash is apart. What is it going to do when it is all sealed up? These things could use some airflow.

Where is the function switch? I have a Zivan here that I just may open up for a test.

Also, do you have any 22s SDI cars local? I need to start moving my 29a Elite J1772 chargers.
Fixed at 86 volts but easily spoofed to 90 volts. It may be time!

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It’s to the left of the fan, by the outer edge under a cover up sticker

Has switch been added or oem? Haven’t looked yet.

OEM. But I have seen one early model that did not have one at all. It’s a 10 (?) position micro dial

That makes 2 I’ve seen without the profile dial.

Fyi, The two blue trim pots on the vertical board are for adjusting the output.

Where is the function switch?

Side view. (yellow arrow)

But it looks like i am a bit behind this morning.

If you had one, it would look like this.

Do you know which is which? It would seem this is a useful charger.
I will add a cell or two and see where it stops.
10 amps now.

I wonder if it’s digital or just analog selection?

If you want this smoked charger for tinkering I can send it your way. First look says the logic board is still working. I’m guessing point of fail was that torrid coil wire broke off the board and went all ghostbusters on the inside. (don’t cross the streams).

I was going to play with it but I have many other more important projects still to do.

I think I have that in my notes on a system at home. I’ll check this evening. I can’t recall for certain, but I might have also sent @AssyRequired this info 4-5 months ago or so.

Found it. Sent copy to barbjr.
That conversation was dated Mar '21.
(dang- where does the time go?)

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Thanks for the assist.

Time is funny isn’t it?

not an expert by no means, but by the look of that copper coil something bad happened for sure…

Dave, does “PRC” as a battery technology mean anything to you?

I have an NG1 that has a mode labeled PRC and it runs to 90v