Zivan NG1 fan replaced and now get a sickly beeping. ideas?

It was almost a six months ago I went to charge the Gem and after plugging it in I did not hear the fan blowing so I unplugged it and disconnected the battery pack. I recently tackled both my 12V converter problem and ordered and replaced the Zivan fan( 612NGHH - ebm-papst, Inc. - Axial Fans | Galco Industrial Electronics ) but now I just get a sickly beeping and a yellow/orange LED.

While replacing the fan I also noticed the NTC 10 thermistor looked to have slightly desoldered so I removed it, tested it and soldered it back in place. I don’t know how I didn’t notice the relay it was leaning against had the cover melted but the relay is still operational as seen in this video.

Zivan charger INOP

Does anyone have any ideas? Troubleshooting tips?

Looking at it closer, I see some feedback resistors might have leaked. There are 4 pairs and each pair measure 50 ohm in-circuit and 100 ohm(brown/black/brown) in parallel is 50 ohm so they seem ok.

While I figure out what to do, or how to fix the Zivan, I’ve wired in series 2 42VDC 2A scooter chargers which will take 2 days to charge from 50%( 20S 116Ah Leaf modules ).

Tough to find a simple 4-5A 72V(84V) 20S charger which has adj voltage cuttoff feature since I only want to charge these to 4.0V/cell max.

A deltaq can be programmed to 82v, 4.05/ cell. when charger shuts off they drop back to 4.03v that is where i charge mine.

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got the cells up to 3.95V before needed to pick up the kid at school and quickly put it back together, minus the Zivan charger, and $%$#$!#@$&)** nothing worked. I had to jump into the diesel truck and do the pick-up. Once back home I found this wire-diagram which shows the key control of the power relay is through the charger so you can’t leave while pulled in I guess. All I needed to do was to jumper the green and red spade connector’ed wires for operation without the charger. Doh.