ZIVAN Charger beeping (High then low) when I plug in charger and light on dash blinks

Hello to all, I’m a newbie to this site but have been reading many posts about GEM’s for a while. I just purchased a 2000 E825 4 seater and have been working on charging the batteries and cleaning it up. Many years of “barn dust & dirt” but overall not bad condition. My problem is that when I plug in the charger the charger beeps a high and low beep and the little yellow light on dash blinks. This doesn’t change when I disconnect the master battery switch. I had to charge each battery separately over the past 4 days until they came up and held. There is a small cable I found by the front battery compartment with a blue and brown wire snipped off (or broken??) to the charger.
Any help would be very helpful. Just had it out for my maiden ride and a little stiff ride but “IT WORKS! “. 15 turf speed and 23 road :+1:

look for the temp sensor Just purchased 2002 e825-4 where to start rejuvenation?

yes, sounds like the battery temp sensor( The temp sensor is an LM335 IC on a little board with a capacitor ). See my thread on my 2002 e825 and scroll back to where you see pictures of the sensor repair Just purchased 2002 e825-4 where to start rejuvenation?

What I did while I waited for the part was to unplug the sensor wire/plug from the Zivan and I think it might charge ok without the indicator and sensor plug plugged in. But I also peeled back the heatshrink and cut the wires back enough to leave colored insulation on the temp sensor part so I knew what went where after repair and I could work in my house on it. Mine still didn’t work after the IC was replaced but I found a big SMT capacitor on an old circuit board and changed out the capacitor and then it worked. Or at least it would act like it was working.

Thanks I’ll look into the sensor, looks like someone cut it off, just two stub wires left st end of cable. David

If you can’t figure it out call electric Conversions in Sacramento Ca [9164414161] the rebuild and update Zivan chargers about $150-$200

Thank you, I’ll call in the next couple of days to get more info.


Replace the temp sensor/indicator light cable.About 38 bucks


Rodney; suggestion where to purchase cable?


I need a temp sensor / indicator light cable for my 2002 GEM with NG1 Zivan. You stated they can be purchased for around $38. Please tell me where.



That was a long time ago. I think I paid $68 for the last one I bought.

ZIVAN USA ELECTRIC CONVERSIONS 515 North 10th Street Sacramento, CA 95811

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Thanks. I am new owner working on GEM that needs a bunch of TLC. i have been searching for quick solution to the temp sensor. Is there a resistor that can be added between leads to fix temporarly? I saw post with the LM335 but the end tip was severed so i have no idea what the remainder of the circuit board would look like. Any suggestions.

I sent email to Zivan folks about replacement, waiting on reply

thanks again

The temp sensor is not required for the NG-1. It will still complete the charging program without it.

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I unplugged the DIN connector with the temp sensor and LED and the NG1 went into charge mode.


rocket90703 you the man, man!
My temp sensor was shot too, cheapest cable I found was ebay for $100!
I sent email to Zivan 2 weeks ago, no reply from them.
Just unplug the DIN connector (photo of din at top of this page)
I dunno why that didn’t even occur to me… thanks man! NG1 Zivan charging up fine now… no yellow flashing lights, no beep beep beep beep alarm, nothin… just shut up and charge the batts. Thanks!

I got in touch with ZIVAN folks yesterday 10/20/2020 talked with Mark. Cable was $58 + $2 shipping + tax.

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it’s not really much of a circuit, just the LM335 with a capacitor across two of the leads. If you know how to solder it can be done on a tiny piece of perf board. I put shrink wrap around the whole thing, silicon glue on the wire side, some teflon thermal post on the LM335 and then a plug of silicon glue at the very end of the shrink wrap above the LM335. Just to keep moisture out as that is what killed mine the first time.

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Thanks for that dougl. Does mine look salvageable? I just acquired my 02 GEM and it looks like this sensors been sitting in the battery tray!

Would it be so bad to just leave the dim connector unplugged and not buy a new one? The annoying beeping and red/yellow/green status light connected to this sensor are really not important functions to me.

Could be similar but just follow the wire is and if you have the same color wires. 2002 right?
I forget what mine looked like but there was something on the end but I thought it was more like epoxy with a well formed shrink wrap or something.

you can see in my pic there are only 2 wires, red and blue(?). And as others have said you can run without the battery sensor. I think it only regulates the charge voltage 1V or less based on outside temperature and battery temp.

I seem to be having the same heat sensor problem with a 2002 E825. The flashing light and High/Low alarm have occurred a few times over the past year but now they are here to stay. At first the alarm would give me two quick dit-dit-dit-dits then go into the High/Low alarm but now it goes directly into the High/Low alarm. I unplugged the DIN connector which stopped the flashing light but the High/Low alarm remains.
I am not much good with tools and I don’t understand anything about electronics. Is there anything simple that I should do before calling in a pro? Would anybody be so kind as to recommend a reliable pro in the Coachella Valley?

All Zivan error codes are accompanied by a two-tone alarm. The key to the puzzle is what the light is doing.