Zivan charger problems

just picked up a 2002 gem with only 325 miles . batteries completely toast . swapped in a used set of gels I had . car powers up and drives , all good . but when I plugged it in nothing . checked line voltage to zivan charger and its 120v . but no lights on dash and when looking at the charger nothing. anything else I should check? is there an internal fuse ? I don’t mind pulling it out , don’t know what I’m looking for ?

Did you check out the Dc/dc converter?

everything electrical works , its just the charger is dead . it doesn’t do anything when plugged in. removed charger and checked internal fuse . it was good . any other ideas ? does anyone have a working zivan charger for sale ? mike 239 784 5690

Not that I don’t have enough irons in the fire.:smiley:

I’d be glad to look at a dead charger. Looking for simple repair that I could pass along.

Slim chance! But sudden death usually means easy.

I do a lot of charger repair, but never saw a zivan.

Does factory offer manuals or schematics?

Was wondering if you ever solved the problem with your charger. I’m having the exact same problem.


charger was bad . bought a new one . I had the old one rebuilt by factory , think I still have it if you need one ?

Thanks. That’s what I figured. How much would you need for it?


I had my Zivan NG1 rebuilt and now 3 months later it’s dead again so frustrated I hope all goes well with yours.