Zivan charger not woking

hi guys, I’m looking for a working zivan charger. I have a 2002 825 and the charger stop charging. I can charger the batteries individually and run the car but nothing when I use the on board zivan charger.

I have one removed from a 2001 e825. Did a lithium upgrade and installed a Delta QuikQ With proper algorithms.

This has the GEM wiring harness, heat sensor as well as the dash LED.

I am in LA, asking $300 plus shipping.

Great do you have vemo or PayPal

Just to make sure, it’s in working order?

It was working in cart, if you aren’t happy you can return. I will DM you my PayPal and, before you pay send me back your mailing address so I can figure shipping. I think it will fit in a medium priority box but won’t know for sure til I hit the PO tomorrow. Should be able to mail tomorrow.

Ernest LaBier
13 Monroe St,
Schenectady, NY 12305

Do you want me to wait until you know how much before I send you money or send you $300 and I can send you the amount for the shipping tomorrow

I have one that was just u-graded and inspected by the factory. I had to replace it due to the time needed for refurbishment and upgrade si I’ll make you a sweet deal. Please let me know…thanks