Why not tell us about your electric car conversion project?

As interest in electric cars continues to grow many people are also looking towards converting their own vehicles into electric cars. If you have attempted such a project, or perhaps you are in the middle of your conversion, why not create an individual thread for your project where you can interact with other members and discuss your experiences.

The headline format of you thread should be along the lines of :-

Porsche electric conversion - Mark’s project

That way we can see what you are looking to convert and associate this with your name.

I am sure that members would love to hear your experiences :slight_smile:

just hoping someone who has the experiences can share here with us

Well I have not attempted my project yet, but I am in the planning stages now, and have acquired my donor vehicle.
I am going to a 3 day build seminar in California in a couple of weeks at EV4UNOW on April 5,6,7.
So I should come away with the info I need on whether to go with a DC or AC conversion.
I will start a thread now, just to get it up and going, and post some pics of my donor car.
Looking forward to this experience, and hope to find a lot of info on this message board!

My son was going to make a conversion, and got the motor for it. He has now lost interest in the project, and I have this motor setting here that I’m sure someone out there would be very glad to have. If anyone out there is interested in a good deal on a DC 36/48 volt motor by GE. Call me at 717-484-2367. I have pictures and details if you are interested.

I need a DC 36/48 Motor… I found some on ebay, but im worried about trusting someone on ebay. has anyone had good success with that?

Good idea! I’d do it today.

I’m new here, and curious to hear what others are doing. I had a Dodge Dart convertible that I thought would make an interesting conversion, but I didn’t have the time and the cost was prohibitive. Still, it seemed like a way to keep a cool old car on the road without dumping tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. My other thought is to get a donor Squareback and convert it to electric drive.

To all the “makers”,
I wanted to share my conversion project as well as a concept. We began with a 1972 Honda N360 but wound up with something quite different. This is my attempt to enable any “average joe” to take part in the maker’s movement. If you have time take a peek. Search youtube for “EV-KEI” to find an animated presentation. It is about 1 minute and will sumarize our concept. I will share a link to the full project when I have been approved to do so. Until then check the video. Your input is gold. Thanks.
-Nikolai Sprinkling

it’s wonderful to business

Does anyone have any EV conversions on the go which they would like to share with us? These projects have proved very popular with members in the past.

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