Bradley GT Electric Conversion - Paul's Project

Okay, in response to a moderator asking for people to post about their projects, I will start this thread.
I have just bought my donor car off eBay.
It is a 1970 kit car. The Bradley GT. I picked it up for $485 without a motor.
For those that don’t know, the Bradley GT is a fiberglass body that is bolted to a VW chassis.
It has the IRS manual transmission, and will be very lightweight for this conversion.
And actually the short lived company also made a Bradley GT II model and a Bradley GTE electric conversion. I went with the first GT model since the parts are much easier to find, and the price was right!
I am heading to a 3 day build seminar in California in a few weeks (April 5,6,7) at EV4UNOW up by Redding.
This will give me more info on picking my components. And we will actually build an EV during the 3 day class.
I will report back after the class with some of the more interesting info.
And since I am new to this site, and am limited on what I can post, as soon as I write 3 more posts, I will put up some pictures of my car now, and during the conversion.
Due to the costs, and my limited budget, I should be posting here for quite a while! :smiley:

Hi Pjgrover

I would be interested in hearing an update on your project and how you got on at the seminar?



[quote=EvForum;20288]Hi Pjgrover

I would be interested in hearing an update on your project and how you got on at the seminar?



Hi Mark,
I have not done much with the car right now. I am mostly just making up cardboard replicas of the batteries I am going to use to make the car electric, and trying to figure out where to place them.
I came across some YouTube videos from the company EV4UNow, and I went to their website and found out when the conversion workshops were planned. Then I paid the fee (through PayPal) and am on my way in 2 weeks.
After the seminar, I will have a better idea on where to start with my project.
After looking at battery placement, it looks like I will have to re-do the floor pans on my Bradley, so it looks like the body will have to come off…
I am getting ready to put together one of those temporary garages. It has a tube frame and canvas sides and top. And I will move my racecar out of the garage and store it in there. Then use my real garage space to work on the Bradley.
The site for the electric conversion classes is here: ev4unowDOTcom/EVWorkshopsDOThtml

Since I have only made 4 posts so far, there is a stupid rule that I can’t post pictures or website links, so the above path needs to be changed a little. Just put a . where the word DOT is. lol
Thanks, Paul :slight_smile:

Okay, I spent a couple of days making up cardboard replicas of the batteries I plan on using to convert my Bradley GT over to electric.
After trying a lot of different placements, I am not sure if the car will work out for this conversion project.
The car is very small, and since the body is fiberglass, I can’t put too much weight in certain places. I am not sure if I have enough room to make this work the way I want it to.
I could do it if I just wanted a personal commuter car by using the passenger area for battery storage. But I really want to be able to take passengers for a ride every once in a while.
So at this point, I am a little discouraged about maybe having to look at other donor cars.
I am going to the EV conversion workshop in 2 weeks, so I will get their input also. They are self proclaimed VW based experts in EV conversions, so maybe they will have some other options on where to place battery packs. :confused:

Some pics of my ‘potential’ conversion vehicle…

I will be watching your progress as well. I had an idea that the VW platform would be a good start for an EV. Mainly due to the fact that you can separate the whole pan away from the car to make a huge battery box. Mount the Motor to the Tranny and select an existing gear to lock in for drive and have fun driving.


That is certainly a very impressive vehicle you have in mind!

Hi pjgrover,

How is your conversion coming along? You should look online to see what others have done. I have never converted a Bradley GT but might be able to give you some advice.