New - 1999 VW New Beetle Conversion


First, I am new to this. About 2 months ago I started converting my Bug to all electric. I am in central Florida and the conversion is being done at Green Shed Conversions. It is somewhat of a self-help process where I go to his shop and help with the work. My son has learned to weld and cut metal, etc. I have learned allot too. Since the shop is 90 minutes from home, I haven’t been able to work on it as often as I would like.

My car is a 1999 VW New Beetle that belonged to my daughter before she passed on Christmas Day in 1999. I have driven the car since for 230K miles until the transmission gave out a few years ago. I hated the automatic and gas engine, so I have been planning this for a few years.

The conversion has gone well, I was able to drive her about 100 yards day 1 with just a 12v battery :slight_smile: But now a few months later and allot of weekends it is close to complete. The engine, batteries, controller, cutoff and allot I don’t recall are in. We still need to wire the back battery pack (located where the gas tank was), install the charger, hock-up backup lights and a few other misc things. If my son wasn’t also working on an electric gocart, I think it would have gone faster.

My only question I really have is about charging. I had a 240v outlet installed in my garage and I see there are some charging stations in my area. I would like a charging system that would allow me to plug into the 240v or 110v or J1772. The Telsa charging Bundle looks like what I want, but I don’t know if it will work with my DIY?


Hi Mitch

Your conversion sounds very interesting indeed!

I am going to move this post to the conversions section as you will get a better response there.