Beetle Conversion - New Project

Hey there, I’m really excited to finally get into a conversion!

I’m seriously shopping for a VW Bettle to convert right now. I wish California wasn’t a continent away, because there are a lot of great projects out there.

This will be my first conversion, and I have limited experience with electricity, so am expecting to learn A LOT!

In shopping for a platform, what should I look for? Obviously rust is an enemy, anything else that I should be considering?

My goal with the conversion is to have a vehicle capable of about 120km/charge (70 miles), with a top speed of 100km/h (60mph), and a optimal speed of 40 - 60km/h.

So, I need a light platform (VW Beetle), components that can provide the power to reach 60mph (volts right? - 96?), and a battery pack that will provide longevity (amp hours right? - ‘gel’ type batteries?).

Is there a reasonable kit to buy?
Cloud Electric -
Rebirth Auto -
Wilderness EV -

I am looking at this project in 3 steps:

  1. Vehicle acquisition
  2. EV Conversion
  3. Battery selection

My new job requires me to drive 300 - 500 city km per week, so, about 100 per day. I drive a truck for cottage escapes, boat towing, off roading, etc., so want a responsible vehicle choice for the majority of my driving.

What would be a reasonable budget?

Any helpers?


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