My EV project is about to start

Picking up a 1986 Fiero GT for the donor car. Still trying to decide on the battery setup, but I think I’m going to go with a 144 volt setup. I plan to mostly use the car to commute back and forth to work and run short errands. I’d like to get a range of 30-35 miles per charge with a top speed of 60 mph. Do these sound like reasonable requirements? I’ve been doing a lot of research and am getting close to getting started. I have been building and racing cars for years, so I am pretty good at metal fabrication. I feel comfortable with electronics, but I am not an expert. Hopefully I’ll be able to get hints along the way…

I welcome any thoughts or comments about this project.


First, off, you are an easy case.

You only really left out one factor you need to answer for yourself before trying to figure out the best design, namely acceleration:

  1. Range - 35miles (easy to do)
  2. Top Speed - 60mph (easy to do)
  3. Rate of Acceleration ???

My suggestion is to go over to to check out what others have done, here are a couple people who have already done the same car as yours:

I’ve already emailed a few people who have done similar conversions to what I am doing and some have responded. Many are helpful, generous people. they may be able to help more specifically with your case.

But you should be optimistic, you should have no problem getting what you want.

me on the other hand…

Thanks for the info. I am just trying to be realistic in my expectations. Of course I would like a 75 mile range and top speed, but I know that isnt going to happen.

1st set back – Went to pick up my donor car…and the standard transmission fiero was actually an automatic. Apparently this is difficult for some people to figure out when selling a car! I’m pretty set on a fiero GT, so the search resumes…

I’m going AC because I believe it will give me the most range. Plus, my driving is a lot of stop and go, so the regen will help somewhat.
The trade off is that it will add a few thousand to the cost. But, it’s no more than the price of a new ICE car.

Still, I think what you want is achievable, from some of the other cases on the site.

Anyway, good luck, let us know here on the forum your results.