Ideas to EV conversion setups


I am new to the whole converting to electric theme and I need some help on ideas for setups, like what motor to use (V, kW, amps, etc.), controller, charger and other bits (including the price of the setup). I would like to use the motor out a used forklift or similar thing, because the price of a new one would properly kill the project, but if there is no used motor to fulfill my requests/goal, then a new one it will be. I will be saving op for Lithium ion cells. The vehicle will be a classic mini saloon or van (for extra space for the batteries) and the goals are:

[li] Top speed: 130-140 kmh (80-87 mph)
[/li][li] Range: 400 km (250 miles) (hopefully while doing freeway speeds most of the time)
[/li][li] Fast charging
[/li][li] Price: as cheap as possible
I would also like to know how many batteries the project would need. I have heard the sentence “How much, how far and how fast? There’s a saying amongst electric car builders that when it comes to range, cost and speed, you can pick any two. In other words, it’s possible to build a long-range fast car, but it’s going to cost you. Or you can build a cheap and fast car, but you’re not going to get the range you probably want.” but I would still like the car to have the very good range and the top speed. I have been thinking about removable battery trays so I can remove the excesses batteries when doing short commutes.

If this project isn’t possible then please inform me and then I will think about lowering one of the goals.


A few people with deep pockets have tried to meet your goals and succeeded. The Tesla is rated at 265 miles.The Nissan Leaf gets up to 100 miles range on a good day.

These Companies didn’t use anything that existed prior. Everything was built from scratch for minimum size, minimum weight, efficiency, and cost. It only took MANY millions of dollars in Engineering and Manufacturing technology to arrive where they are today.

If you have these resources go for it. However: you will be money ahead to spring for a new Leaf.

If, on the other hand, your like a lot of us and the “PROJECT” is the motivating force. I can’t think of a better way to go, than to build an Electric car.

Good Luck - Keep us up to date,

I also tried it but could not achieve it.

Tell us about it. Words from the people that have had experience are super valuable for others that have been thinking about it.