EV from Scratch

I’m setting out to build an EV from scratch and need some help! I started planning to build this car (frame and body wise) for some time now (on and off when I have time) and I hope that now in summer to build it but I’m having trouble with figuring out what to use for all of the electronics (motor, batteries, controller, etc.). I do have knowledge in electronics and fabrication but there are so many ways that people have build EVs, I’m having trouble in determining what to get it so that my money isn’t wasted or bought more than I need. Here are my main goals for the car…

-around 40 to 50 mph
-30+ mile range
-$2000 or under

I know it’s not a whole lot of information to work with but I’m having trouble getting my feet on the ground to start running. I’m trying to get the best for my money and if you have any ideas for ways to make it cheaper that would be much appreciated!:smiley:

another note, I’m trying to make it street legal. Thanks!

I’ve been doing some research and will a 5kw 72v motor be enough?

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I figured the Cd is .2 and Crr is .02

I hope to finish the project by the end of summer… (trying to increase membership lol)

It will be difficult to do for $2k, unless it’s an electric bicycle. motors cost $1k-$2k, charger about $500, controllers are $1000-$1500, but there’s a DIY motor controller for 500A at 144V DC for $630 shipped. This looks like an intensive project, you must be well versed in soldering and electronics construction. Welcome to PaulandSabrinasEVstuff.com Electric Cars

What size vehicle? How fast and how far do you want it to go? Read up on some of the longer full conversion threads.
If cost is the limiting factor some people have been getting away with 72V, parts are less but acceleration will be limited and top speed will be less.

My EV conversion is 120V and goes 80 mph.

I recommend saving up for 120-144V, Lithium Iron phosphate batteries, and a 120/240V charger. You’ll be happier with it.

Those controller people also have a DVD to build an EV for cheap. Electric Car Instructional DVDs
I also recommend the books “Convert It” and “How To Build an Electric Vehicle”.

I agree with @qsullivan – $2,000 is unrealistic if you are starting from the very bottom.

If you can get someone to GIVE you a decent “doner” vehicle, then you might be able to do the electric part for $2k if you scrounge a lot of parts and buy used.

You can contact some forklift companies. They sell motors for pretty cheap around your area