Newbie Introduction

Hi to everybody,

Just dropping a line to say hello.

I have been thinking a couple of years on doing a conversion and just in the past month or so have started to get motivated to really look in to this. Have a lot of experience on cars- daily drivers to 1200hsp. drag cars, looking forward to a new kind of challenge.

Here are some of my ideas/plans:

*Presently have a 1995 Neon (4door),manual trans., owned it for 5+ years, this will be the conversion car.
*I am looking to have a car capable of 50-60mph and around 45-50 mile range.
*Thinking about a system around 120-144 volts.
*Haven’t mapped out the space I have in the car, so not sure yet if I go with 8 or 12 volt batteries(lead acid). Would like to do 6 volt, but probably don’t have the space or weight capacity for that many batteries…

  • Will definately keep the heating system, looking into possibilities on keeping the A/C as well- it gets hot here in the summer.

I am sure I will have questions in the near future, but I will try to glean as much info off this site as I can before I start asking a bunch of questions.:wink:


awesome, congrads and welcome to the site.

search button is your friend on here. there is lots of info to be found and since everyone is bringing something new to the plate with different cars and setup’s you can get a wide range of ideas and intrests arround here.

there are some kits available to make it easy. there is a company in B.C. that has a kit specific for your car. hope that helps


I will definately check them out.

[QUOTE=electric85;2205]there are some kits available to make it easy. there is a company in B.C. that has a kit specific for your car. hope that helps[/QUOTE]

I know this is an old post but there is nothing on their site about it.

i also just registered today, and know nothing about EVs, but want to find out all I can. I have 2 vehicles that I hope to be able to convert to something (half EV,half ? or full EV), and they are both 99 Chevy’s : Corvette (26 to 31 mpg), 1/2 ton Silverado 5.3 v8 that only gets 20 mpg. Truck is paid for and runs great, Corvette also runs great, but still owe another 3 yrs of payments.
Financially I’m just able to get by, but when gas gets to another 2 or 3 more bucks a gallon, I’ll be sunk.:frowning:
I’m trying to join a van pool at work, as I commute 20 miles one way mon thru friday. That will help out alot. I keep hearing that the Government is going to solve the gas price problem, but I really don’t have much faith in that happening soon enough.
I can’t imagine how some folks are getting around on these crazy gas prices.
Thanks in advance for all your help!!:slight_smile:

Hi and welcome,
Good luck with your Neon. There was someone else here converting a Neon last January. I don’t know how far he has gotten but here is a link to his photo album,

If you are good with a torch, and with your drag car experience you should be, then the Neon should not pose any unsolvable problems. Do you need the back seat? Or would a cargo platform work for you if you enlarged the trunk into that space?

Don’t forget you will also recover some space where the gas tank was. It is often easiest to put the speed controller in the engine compartment along with the vacuum pump and other accessories, but the great thing about going electric is those things can often be tucked away in other locations.

Looking forward to seeing your progress.


cbm369, just wondering how things are going. Have you started on the Neon conversion?