1999 VW New Beetle conversion

My car is a 1999 VW New Beetle that belonged to my daughter before she passed on Christmas Day in 1999. I have driven the car 230K miles until the transmission gave out a few years ago. I hated the automatic and gas engine, so I have been planning this for a few years.

I am not real mechanical, but I am helping where I can. The car started at Jason’s Bug Ranch in Winter Garden, FL where they removed the engine, transmission, gas tank and everything “gas related”. The car was then transported 90 miles to Green Shed Conversion in Crystal River.

This is a self-help program, where he provides tools and supplies, knowledge and my son and I provide manual labor and ideas.

The conversion has gone well, I was able to drive her about 100 yards day 1 with just a 12v battery. We were able to install the transmission and motor on day 1. Didn’t have the shifter or any batteries or controller, but we did drive it for the first time in 2 years :slight_smile:

The next week we struggled with getting the belt that controls the a/c, power steering installed. We ended up adding the alternator and getting an additional pulley for the power steering from a junk yard to mount on the motor. That was probably are biggest and most time consuming task. Also installed the 5-speed shifter.

Then we built the 2 battery packs. Each holds 21 100ah lithium batteries. One is mounted in front above the motor and one is in the back where the gas tank once was.

All the wiring is complete on the front pack and last week we installed the controller, emergency cut-off and a few other parts I don’t recall what they were :slight_smile: Got the rear pack built and installed but still need to do some wiring on it.

To be done:

  1. Install the charger plug(s)
  2. hock-up backup lights switch
  3. Speedometer (maybe already connected)
  4. EV meters
  5. Re-connect A/C, power steering, misc,
  6. Tale it back to Jasons Bug Ranch to have them put the front end and lights back on.