A simple quick conversion


I’m new to this entire electric vehicle conversion thing. I thought it was interesting and I was wondering if there was any easy method of converting my gas car. I’m in no way a mechanic so I want to know if there is a resource with a simple method of converting my car. I’m not saying it has to be for a 5 year old, but as close to that as possible :slight_smile:

I know I have a lot to learn, but if someone can help lead the way for me I would greatly appreciate it.

Looking forward to your reply.

George Christodoulou

first off: what kind of car? For the easiest conversion, it should be a manual. Automatics just don’t work well, and are hard to get running right. By no means are they “easy”.
Next: What range do you need? what kind of performance do you “need”/“want”?

Its not “easy”… you’ll need to come up with a way to mount the motor to the transmission, some way to couple the shaft to the transmission. You’ll need a contactor, vaccuum pump (for brakes), fuses, charger, motor controller, batteries, some gauges for Voltage and Current… and lots of time spent fabricating things from metal.

There are some conversion kits out there, but again, depends on the car. If its manual, there may be a conversion kit, if its auto, you’re on your own.

You might start by looking at “EVAlbum” to see what others have done. About 1500 projects with pictures and writeups.
Good Luck