90 Accord EV

Hello, I have decided to turn my gas drive to electric. Now I’m sure that some has done a 90 Accord, I’d sure like to talk to that person! I’m not new to the automobile, I have been turning wrenches since 1963, I own an auto repair shop ( don’t know if I can mention it ). If this conversion works well I will endeavor to do this for others as well. So who, where, and what would be nice to have, in the meantime I will be roaming this site for answers. Thanks Paul:D

P.S. I don’t see any automatic conversions all stick shift, Why?:confused:

first off, welcome to the site, glad to have someone else out there that wants to do this stuff.

the reason for most people doing manual conversions is because its REALLY easy to shift and transition between gears (usually 2nd, 3rd, and 5 is about all you’ll need) and it isn’t like you need to feather the clutch to get the car going, put it into gear let out the clutch and you still wont go anywhere till you give it “gas” since an electric motor doesn’t need to keep running…

not to mention most automatic transmisions need some form of computer to help with RPM’s and shifting, and they aren’t as efficent as manuals typically.

check out newdawn’s build on the site he built a saturn and its got LOTS of information