Tranmission debate..?

Alright, so Ive been trying to do some research and am having trouble finding resources on the details of converting an automatic trans. to EV.

I have a 93’ probe SE (automatic transmission) and am debating what to do. My options as I see them (trying to do this on low budget) are as follows:

  1. Use the automatic transmission in the car and hope I can figure out what I’m doing. If anyone knows where there is good documentation on this procedure please point it out. I would really like to go with using the automatic trans. but dont know if its feasable with my car ( Any tips on how to do what is mentioned on this site (seeing how I dont follow most of the lingo used) would be a great help.

  2. Switch out the auto. trans. and put a manual in from another probe/mazda mx6/626 (junk yard or something, im pretty sure each model i listed has the same engine/trans…please correct me if im wrong). If this is done, will I also need the clutch assembly installed along with brakes and all? I’ve read that most people dont typically switch gears in their EV so I wasnt sure if I could avoid the hassle of installation.

Also, could anyone recommend and EV kits that may be adaptable to my car? I really want to avoid having to make a custom adapter plate like jerry did in his documentary: ( but it may be inevitable even though I would need the same one he used :frowning:

thanks in advance for any help!

I would recommend changing in a manual tranny. You don’t need a clutch. The way electric motors work with the synchronous gears of a manual transmission allows you to push/pull into any gear when you lay off the accelerator.

been reading more and looks like you are right. Ill start looking around for a manual trans. to stick in there.