Car choice and transmissions

Hello, first post, just researching for now and am looking for a donor car. The car that I am interested in has a limited number of stick-shift units available, which were marketed as “luxury” because they were packaged with a bigger engine. Lots of automatics though for $1500 cheaper with smaller engines.

Now, I am considering an AC kit that will include an adaptor plate for the version of the car with manual transmission.

My question is - when I do the conversion will I have to remove the transmission to do the installation? If so, then I’ll get a cheaper automatic and buy a stickshift transmission for it. On the flipside if I’ll be able to save some hassle by hooking the motor to the transmission with the included adaptor plate without removing the transmission, then I’ll pay more for the stickshift model.

In short, should I hassle myself with an auto-to-manual conversion or pay more for an oem stickshift car?

I hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

even if you had to drop the trans there are still so many other factors, cluch pedal / shifter / wiring / mounting that it would probably end up being cheeper and faster to buy the manual car from the start, unless the manuals are far higher priced. the conversions i have worked on we did not drop the trans but im not sure for your application. what kind of car are you thinking about.

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What AC kit were you looking at olegmeister?