98 S10 Auto to manual conversion

I am looking to convert another vehicle to electric. Back in the 90s I converted a Ford Courier but when that vehicle rotted away (rust) I removed the components for use in another vehicle. They have been in storage now for about 10 years but I have the time to do another conversion so I am looking to move forward. I have a 9 inch ADC motor and a Curtis controller so that will be the foundation of the transition. I am currently looking at a 98 S10 that is available with a blown 4 cyl engine. Everything sounds good about the truck except it is an automatic. Normally this shouldn’t be to big an issue, just swap it out for a manual and go clutchless. My worry is the computer and any interface it has with the transmission along with the speedometer. Anything else I should be worried about? Is the swap from an automatic transmission to a manual very difficult? Any other comments? Thanks for your help and ideas/input.


the nice thing about those vehicles is there are many out there in the junk yards, and parts are CHEAP! just call arround for parts you’ll need and you should be golden.

I would recommend trying to find another truck. I mean you are already going to have to deal with the conversion, you dont want to be dealing with any more factors than you have to. Broaden your search for a doner car by including all of the cars that they make adaptors for. It shouldnt be that hard to convert to manual, the only difficulty I can forsee is the shift linkage and removal of the tree shifter and what not.