New VW Bug Conversion

Hi Im new. I had a 74 Super Beetle converted to electric.72 volts, Trojan batteries(6-12v) altrex controller. So far, top speed around 35-40 mph. Would like to increase that. Also, drove a few miles a full throttle and the battery wires (lead between terminals on batts in series) felt warm, not hot. Is this normal? I want to put passengers in back seat, in front of batteries. What safety precautions are necessary? (has fiberboard cover on rear deck over top of batts. ) Thanks

great to have you here!

as far as the connection being warm, its about the same with me and my newer battery cables on my car, (although i’m using welding cable)

as far as for the rear passengers seats… are the OEM ones installed? or is it just a panel for them to sit on? if anything i would put a thin rubber mat over the panel and then what ever else it is you are going to put on there…

by the way, do you have any pictures of the car? i’d love to see what it is looking like.

Thanks. I have OEM seats, and did just cover the batts with a piece of rubber pondliner.I just topped off the charge in my garage, a little sulphur smell, and I guess hydrogen as well in the inside of car. Should I rig up a fan to vent this out of the car? How much gas is actually produced? My garage has living space above it.Is this a concern? I’ll work on some pics.

without seeing how it is setup (hint hint PIX!) I cant help too much, but if the batteries are in a somehat sealed off area or box, Im sure you can rig up some hoses with an AC fan that will circulate air through the batteries whenever plugged in. You never want battery gasses floating around. There really shouldnt be much in the way of gasses being vented. IF you are looking into buying a new pack It would deffinantly be worth your money to invest in something sealed, like Gel or absorbed glass mat. So long as that living space is sealed off and not like a loft above the garage, there should be no problem.

Your wires will be warm after you drive your car. Your motor and controller should be warm too. That is normal. Photos would be a great help.

Pete : )

Can you elaborate on the “pondliner”? I’ll have a 6 year old in the back seat soon on my newly purchased EV so I will need to address this!

Also could use some advice from other bug converters on how to set up the LV system specifically for a 65 bug. Mine has no wiring for anything right now and it’s the first thing I need to work on to be street legal. Curious if anyone’s heard of a solar trickle charger? Someone suggested that might be a way to set up the LV system.

pondliner is just really thick rubber that you can get at landscaping outfit.used to make ponds and waterfeatures waterproof. you can get a solar trickle charger at any rv place, wont give you much, but maybe 2-3 together/