Weatherproofing motor/controller

I have a 74 Bug converted to 72v . The original deck lid (trunk) has cooling vents that allow water to go right through from above. How much should I worry about the motor getting wet? The space where the ICE was is open to the ground, and the fender wells do a fairly decent job but the motor and contoller/ shunt/ wiring are all pretty exposed. Should I make some sort of cover for the firewall where the elec components are located? Thanks

i’d make a nice spash guard, and keep it encased… then have a vent basicly be a snorkle or a “cold air intake” for it to keep cool air in it and have an exhaust for the hot air.

I am working on a 74 standard beetle myself. I have been thinking about what to do about the deck lid vents (to keep rain out). They sell lids with no vents for about $90 new and I have seen them made of fiberglass also. Here is a link to one place for beetle parts.
For the bottom I was thinking about enclosing the entire thing maybe with some vents in places where water can’t splash in. That might be enough with the vent above the deck lid under the window, air flowing in the top and out the bottom. Good Luck.:smiley:


I think Im just going to cover the deck lid vents with aluminum or tin and make a bottom cover like you suggested. I might put a vent down low that open/closes using the heater control cable, already in place

The motor will not be effected by water, you can leave that how it is. However, you should make some small box to house the contactors/controller.

A drip/splash guard sounds like a good idea. Something else which sounds like a good idea but really really is not is protecting your connections with silicone seal. It releases acetic acid as it cures (you may have noticed the vinegar smell) which turns copper the prettiest shade of green and the green stuff won’t conduct electricty. I had lots of time to think about this trying to climb Mount Eagle on a 750 Norton which was intermittent on one cylinder.