Gem Cool Air Kit

Hey I was wondering where I might be able to get my hands on a cool air kit for my Gem. If you don’t know what they are it’s a Scoop that directs air into the motor to keep it running cool. Also the have a Heat sink for the controller that elevates the controller and it has a fan that pushes cool air across it

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found a heatzink

scoop right number 5439507
left scoop 5439508
and kit number 2205515

Hey Thank you for the links and part #s it will make a interesting test to seek kind of temps the car will have with and with out the kit.

I bought that Heat sink. I couldn’t tell from the discription but you think it comes with the fan and wire harness or it’s just the heat sink alone?

Well I picked up 2 of the plastic motor vents. $80 for 2 new ones. I’m intrested to know how much cooling these 2 vents alone offer. I wiill take a temp reading b4, And after air vent installation. I have a digital temp gun and I can do a specific run and set speed and come up with a pretty accurate idea of what kind of temp difference we come up with.

Anyone willing to take a guess at what kind of difference we will or should be seeing.

dont know year of your cart but you can try this cool down settings in controller

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Thank you for the Reply:

My cart is a 2013 with the T-4 controller.

Please tell me what functions#24 & #26 do these controls: Example am I adjusting “field current” or “armature current”

Just wondering what I would be changing

dont know,this was Gem Chrysler cool down recomendation
24 Knee Current -80
26 Ratio -135

you can try if it do any help

Anyone here know would knee current or ratio affect

I can tell just by placing the vents in their location that the motor is going to get quite a lot of air circulating in and around it the hood pretty much diverts or hides and hides the motor from fresh air

They both affect the field current.
Have you thought about using the bms sensors to monitor the motor and controller temperature. You may be able to do that in Sentry. I’ll have to look.

Ok Got the Air Vents installed and we will do some testing motor Temps

My first impressions are this. The vents don’t seem to stick out very far in the Flow of Air. I would have thought they would have stuck out quite a bit further to grab Air? But what do I know?

One of the cool side benefits seems to be it doubbles as a Vent to push cool air to the Brake calipers!!!

My guess is that they didn’t want to also scoop in lots of water if driven in the rain or splashed head on. As for the cool air deflected to the calipers, it looks like its directed behind the calipers and more towards the rotors but tough to tell from the pics. But any road debris will also get directed at the brakes too.

I would think the reason why wheels are designed to move air is because any object with much mass would not be pulled into the brakes and would continue passed the tire/wheel so mostly air and really fine particulate goes to the brakes. Deflecting airflow will deflect everything. $0.02

I would opt for something which caused air to be pulled out of the motor area instead of being pushed into it. Something using the bernoulli effect in the airflow under the car might work.


you can also drill or cut for more air

That’s interesting. I have never seen that b4 is that a factory Gem mod?

Ok well the Heat Bug ( code 41 ) struck again last night. It was hot out and I was driving real slow and once the car went into -41 it was real hard to get it to cool down to return to base!

So I had the Aluminum heat sink and it’s been sitting in the shelf because it’s a Pain in the A$$ to install on a 2013. Check it out this is how the heat sink installs on a 2008 “notice the controller mints front to back with lots of access

This is how it installs on a 2013 the controller is mounted sideways and getting to the rear 6 bolts is a donkey!

O well it’s in now and I only received minor flesh wounds intalling :slight_smile:

I’ll look for the factory 12v Fan next.

Cars that had a factory cool air kit had a 12v fan that mounted on the heat sink that blows air across the sink. And now that it’s mounted I just remembered I didn’t use thermal grease DammmmmmO!


41 code is motor overheat. Not controller.

You still climbing mountains wit 24 inch tires and 10.35 gears?:smiley: