Help Wiring new heat sink fans

Fans are ready to be wired. Previous owner didn’t use the white gang feed plug but line joined the front wires. So…the main feeds appear to be P, RB, G, B.
Oooooops…just realized all those wires are after dash switches ( I think).
If so where do I get the leads for 2=80mm fans.
If not can I just splice into those wires.

Sorry guys…I appear not to be the smartest guy on the block! Are all the wires coming out of the middle of the controller 12v… if so, I guess I need to know which ones I’m not using and use them.
If that’s the case, can I just line splice in or snip and use in line plugs.
Really appreciate the help

My 08 and 09 has a Black and Red wire in a loom with a two connector plug on the end for the fan (single).
No other wires are in that loom.

Thanks…I think I’m starting to understand better.
I access these leads from under dash?

No, they should be coming off the right side of the controller area in a loom (drivers side). along with the headlights, and turn signal wires.
I will take a picture when I get home tonight.

Thanks for the reply. In the bundle leading to the headlights the R and B are wired to the base of brake cylinder. The only other non headlight related are
O and B that go to the horn.
Got inside the dash, the red spade connector wire goes to 12v plug in dash socket
So the questions
Can I use any of the open spade connectors
Better to use fuse pig tail connector on any of the open slots on the fuse block.

Or I guess the easiest would be use a quick splice on the R and B feeds to the 12v dash socket and call it good

Thanks to all for the help.
The project went as follows.
3/4 x 3/4 aluminum angle mounted to frame.
2 x 80mm fans mounted to aluminum angle (raised them up about 1/2 way to get better air flow)
Fan electrics attached to 12v plug wires under dash with quick connects.
Pretty easy project and during test drive worked great ( no 41 code but never got one with just the new heat sink)
Total cost …about…fans $35…heat sink $35…wire and quick connects I already had but say $5”
So about 80 bucks.
A previous post on the form about installing a radio helped me a bunch…so thanks to that guy!

One more thing…if anyone can find higher volume small fans be great to let us know. These are 41cfm which ain’t a strong as it sounds!

ebay 1u server fans. They are loud as nuts and move a ton of air.

I’m not understanding the fan ratings. The 80 mm electronic cooling fans I got are 2800 rpm about 30 dba and advertised at 41 cfm.
So I check the 1u fans as suggested above.
They are turning 7000rpm…57 dba…rated at 21cfm.
Something doesn’t seem right!
Am I missing something?

Can’t say I honestly know. I did a similar search before I posted and came up with the same results. I am mostly going by past experience in playing around with old Dell servers that these little buggers moved a lot of air. My guess is the size is what is important in this situation. The server case fans are very small and push air out into a very small area. Wheres your fans are bigger and some of the air movement might not be utilized? For example the server fans would be hitting the cooling fins 100% and your current fans seem to only have maybe half their cfms hitting the cooling fins?

You are farther along in this process then I am. I have to extend my main harness and drop my charger before I can continue. I’m sure yours probably works fine as it sits.

Update…been driving all. over the place. No more 41 code!! After a trip I sort of open hood and check stuff just for grins and things are noticeably cooler. In short, in my case, the retro worked

I don’t think you need a crazy big or loud fan to get the job done. I think the controller and heatsink just need a slight breeze to cool things down a few degrees.

Example when I would get a overheat code it would only take a few seconds for the car to cool with the key on and off to take the car out of code 41. So that made me think the threshold for the car overheating and it running And it Overheating can’t be but a few degrees.

I cleaned my stock heat sink the other day while swapping out controllers, let’s just say it should have been done a long time ago. There as a ton of “whatever” caked to all the fins - I am guessing that it cools far better now.
I have never gotten a 41 error however I need a better way to cool the motor!!! Running 99v and high speeds that motor gets crazy hot - trying to think of a way to water cool the motor maybe with computer water cooled heat sinks or something @grantwest got any crazy thoughts on this?

I wonder if corrugated aluminum radiator material would help or hurt.


I don’t see how it could hurt if we found a good way to attach some of it to the motor. Any way to dissipate heat has got to be a plus.

Maybe something like this? But on a much bigger scale.

Maybe this!! with a pump and a radiator?

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And booze as a by product of the heat? Can’t go wrong!