Attempting to hook up dash fans

Fans installed but need some help with the wire connection. I have several empty fuse spots….radio, heater, fan…
So…if I want to use the radio one, for instance, install the fuse then find the wires that are associated with the radio output. If they are color coded…I don’t have that chart. Coukd t find exactly what I wanted in the manual either.
Would greatly appreciate someone walking me thru this……thanks

Always cut the red wire first.

Kind of hard for anyone to help when we don’t know what year your gem is

Ooops…sorry about that….2005;e2
Thanks for setting me straight

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Gen2 cars have this convenient place for hooking up accessories. You will need to take the upper and lower dash panels off to see what you are doing. (note red circle)

I think your target will be S2 or S3 (both 10a fuses).

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Thank you…greatly appreciated

Installed and working…thanks again to
AssyRequired….advice was spot on