2007 PSDM accessory connections help

2007 GEM e4… looking at the diagram of the PSDM on p 5-41 of the service manual. I see 8 male spade connections, labeled S1-S6, SA & SB… but don’t see anything in the manual about how these connection points are fused. Looking for a key-on 12V source and a decent ground to install a Homelink remote transmitter. Can anybody enlighten me on how to tap into these accessory connection points? I thought I was good to go when adding a fuse lit up one of the spade connectors, but I keep blowing the 1A fuse to the display… thanks in advance.

S1-12v with key on-Fuse 3
S2-12v with key on-Fuse 2
S3-12v with key on-Fuse 8
S4-flasher -Fuse 6
S5-connected to S4 hazard signal
S6-12v Always -Fuse 10
SA-72v-Fuse 12
SB-72v-Fuse 11

12v ground to the frame


That is exactly what I needed, thanks so much!

Thank you. This is just what I needed.