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I have a 2005 Gem and reworked the PDSM. When I reinstalled the PSDM and when reconnecting the Neg cable to battery post, it sparked. I just turn off the main breaker on the PSDM and reconnected the Neg. cable. Then switch the master back on. The Neg. cable will spark when connecting to battery post. When connecting to the battery without turning off the main breaker. The DC/DC will engage the 12 volt system that power up the display and any 12 volt system that have direct power from the DC/DC converter.

Hi, do u have PSDM for sale ? Or do u work on PSDM ? I’m the one that has 2005 E2 Gem car flatbed.


Sorry I don’t have a GEM Car PSDM for sale. The PSDM is a circuit board
that directs circuit to each components that operate the Vehicle. The PSDM
on the 2005 e2 Flatbed have a build in relay for the interlock that engage
when charging the Vehicle My problem with my GEM is that all my power to
the display when out and without the display the GEM won’t move. Since I
did not know much about repairing the GEM and since the power wire from the
display connects to the PSDM, I started to take apart the PDSM to see how
it works. The PDSM is a combination 72 volt and 12 volt circuit board. The
PDSM also powers the DC/ DC Converter which is part of the PSDM circuit. I
found my problem was with the DC/DC converter. When connecting to the
battery pack,ALWAYS turn OFF your master circuit breaker that is on the
PSDM and after you have made the final connection with the battery pack,
then turn the master breaker back to ON. This is to AVOID a spike or surge
to the PSDM circuit, that can damage it. .

Thank you very much for your help

Hello amigos!!

I am not an electrician but have some common knowledge. I have a 2005 Gem E4 and my gem was working properly but is when I tried to connect a cable to battery that I burned one 2 of the fuses from the PSDM. Already changed fuses and now is not turn in on. I turn beaker to ON and then key and no show at all. How do I test or make sure PSDM is working properly?