2005 GEM E2 12v Electrical Issues


I have an 05 E2 that has two electrical issues:

  1. Intermittent problem with all 12v systems (turn signals, wipers, horn, lights, brake lights…). Most of the time, none of these items work on my E2.

  2. When those systems are working, my turn signals do not blink - the lights just turn on a solid red, no flashing.

for the intermittent issue, I assume i’m looking for a loose connection, but have no idea where to start my search.

for the non-flashing turn signals, I have been looking for a relay, but unable to find one. another user posted that it was under the dash on the left side, but I believe that was for an older model and mine is located (elusively) elsewhere.

Is there anyone out there who knows about these cars and can provide assistance? We spent a couple of hours this morning and could neither find the relay or any loose connections.


send me an email and I will send you a wiring diagram


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thanks. I’d appreciate the diagram, and any other insights people have!

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Hi, I am having the identical same electrical issue on my 2005 e2 Gem, did u ever find out what Electrical issue u where having ? Was it a simple fix.

Hi defeojack,

You aren’t going to like this answer, but it was the main electrical component, called the PSDM. I ended up paying around $1,000 to have it fixed, which obviously stung. Here’s the part: http://www.polaris.com/en-us/gem-electric-car/shop/maintenance/mdlpwrsgnl-distrib-psdm/pid-4013700

I believe that if you could find the part it would be an easy fix, but I couldn’t locate one. Will you please reply if you do, so others will know if you found a better solution than me? Sorry you are dealing with this.

-WW Skier

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Thank u so much for answering me and have the correct problem, right now I’m having a Gem car Flat Top Golf Carts in San Jose, Ca and there on Thursday having there electrical guy to tell me there is something cheaper or something like else but he told me that what it cost for a new circuit board. Anyway I will get back too you this week okay.

Thank u so much

i have one of those modules available fro a lot less if you need one

Hi there, thank you for ready my problems, I was looking for that part PSDM and EBay had two for sale used but they where broken. What is your price and does you work ?

What did the specialist in San Jose say?

I have a 2000 GEM 825 with same problem. Do you still have the part?
Will it fit this model year

defojack just put a deposit down on it . if for some reason it doesn’t go thru i will email you.