GEM car -- no speedo and flashing lights

HI all,

 I have a 2005 Gem car it has no speedometer display, no odometer diaplay, flashing yellow boxes around the directional indicators, flashing turtle light, and a flashing wrench. The cart does run fine in all speeds. I traced the problem to the psdm board. I put the bad board in a working cart and now both carts exibit the issue. I took the psdm board apart and found the communication lines burnt along the print board (on both carts now) Does anyone have any info on this situation? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank You

I can relate. I also have the exact same symptoms on my '08 e2 - see my thread on “All 6 flashing once per second…” started Fall '12 and is now constant. Otherwise, my e2 has continued to operate perfectly fine - it’s my daily driver for ~2.5k mi/year. Tech support advice from all sources I contacted has unanimously predicted that this must be a problem somewhere in one, or more, of the following items (not listed in any priority order)
(1) PSDM board (I have not even opened my PSDM up yet, but glad you’ve shared what you saw inside yours - it sure sounds like that it’s time you/we got a new PSDM, but I want to gather more details before I go that route because it’s possible (likely, IMO) that some other piece is the actual root of this puzzler and I don’t want to risk frying a known-good PSDM (sounds like what happened to your 2 carts?)
(2) Display Unit - I’ve eliminated this possibility by the substitution method, or
(3) Controller Unit - both my Gems have a T4 controller but I haven’t gotten around to substituting due to the e2 still driving fine and me waiting arrival of the programming connector-kit/GE Sentry software/USB-Serial adapter (from NEV GE Programming ) All this “kit” is here now, as of just yesterday in fact, so I can get onto studying the Controller programming knowledge & skills set.
(4) Key switch: eliminated.
(5) Road/Turf switch: eliminated
(6) Wires/Plugs/Connectors: eliminated

Please continue to post what you learn and I will do the same.