Wires under the dash

I just picked my 02 2 seater up and it has some light problems, so I pulled the dash up and removed the lower dash, hanging down under the lower section it had 2 wires not hooked to anything, a black one that tees off to nothing hooked to the ground bar. and a blue one with a tee just hanging down, doing nothing, are these for an acc. plug maybe ???

Also when I removed the lower steering column covers the lights on the dash went crazy when i turned it on to check power and grounds for my headlights that do not work. The white 20 pin plug was nasty with corosion and a white wire feeding thru the harness was loose when I unplugged the connector 2 wires were just burnt up from heat, so now I have to rewire the plug.
In the main harness coming from the controller there is a grey covered set of wires that plug into the top of the controller, 8 wires maybe, it is unhooked and the same looking harness is run on the outside plugged in, was there some kind of update on the small grey harness. ??

Just Trying to learn a few of the ins and outs on this thing.
Any info someone can share will be helpful.

Thanks. Ken in Va.

I believe the 2 wires might be for a radio.

The 8 pin socket is for the cable that connects to the display on the steering column module.