Unknown plug in 2002 GEM e825

I recently bought a 2002 e825 E4. Its a project…pulling it apart and going through it, trying to figure out what’s missing. We took the body apart for fiberglass repair and dove under the dash to get a good look at the wiring condition, which wasn’t bad. I have 2 questions immediately that hope someone here can answer with ease.

  1. There was a black wire with a pin style connector, wrapped and loose inside the dash area. reminded me of replacing a car stereo … any idea what that was for?

  2. There was a fan switch on he GEM, when we pulled the dash, wasn’t hooked to any wires. also there were vents in the dash, but not piping to them. Is that normal or was the unit completely removed?

Look forward to help and tips as i embark on my winter project.


Sounds like Someone removed the heater defroster unit. Good luck with your project. I am doing the same with a 2002 E2 truckett.

Would that be the pin connector wire if found as well?

Most likely had the defroster/heater unit in it. My 2002 had 2 black grounds hanging and taped from the the factory as well as a Purple 12v hanging if I remember correctly.

Wiring Diagram…


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Just a heads up. If you were to include a photo of your “mystery” connection that would help identify. Simply saying (car stereo) plug is not good enough for most. The More detail the better, you wil find people are more willing to help out when when you take the time to fully document your question. Lots of great people here.

Example I find the questions that go un answerd here are ones that are super general and don’t have any info to help solve the problem

grantwest - agreed - I will be taking lots of pics with lots of questions as I attempt to get acquainted with the GEM.

appreciate the feedback!