E825 heater/fan not working

Hi…we have a 2000 e825 we picked up recently, and everything works except the heater/fan. I didn’t notice a fuse for these…is there one? Or any other thoughts on why it may not work? Just age?

did you find the fuses or just not a fuse for the heater/fan?

on my 2002 they are under the rubber flap at the right front firewall(motor compartment).

I didn’t think there was one there for a heater. Maybe I should pull it out of the trailer again and check, but pretty sure there wasn’t one.

Hard to tell what the answer to my question is so maybe you can take the dash off and follow the wires? Two screws under the windshield wiper(left and right side in the metal channel) then velcro holding it on at left, right and middle positions.

Sorry, to be more clear…I saw fuses under the hood compartment, but nothing for a heater.
Although, I did not take the dash apart. Thanks for the info on how to do that…I can take a look.

IIRC the heater needs two voltages to run. The switch turns on the 12v fan and triggers a 12v relay. The relay switches on the 72v heater coils. It would be bad if the heater coils go on without the fan.

One point of failure is if the fan has an issue the coils would roast a heat fuse and kill the power on the unit.

I might have a heater install page here somewhere…

That would be great…thanks!
When we got it, the fan wasn’t working either. I assume the fan is part of the heater assembly, but I really have no clue at this point…just guessing. I’m not sure if there’s something I can disconnect to try and put power to it to see if anything works. But sounds like you’re saying the elements would need 72V to power them…

Heating elements require LOTS of power, think about how many watts a hair blow drier use. So it makes since that the heater element would be run at the full battery voltage where there is the most power available. 1500 watts at 72V is 20 Amps but 1500 watts at 12.5V is 120 Amps. The 12V converter in the GEMs are what, maybe 40A.

Personally, when I saw the pic of your cart without doors it made me wonder how effective such a heater would even be.

True…good point about no doors.
We only use it at a campground, and it would be just to provide a bit of warmth on cool nights, but is definitely not a necessity. I just figured if it has an option, why not have it working…so I was going to try.

I had a couple things to look into…the last was a wire running behind the back seat was disconnected which made the upper rear brake light work. Again, hardly a necessity for the campground…the other brake lights worked…

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Aimed right at a front seat it could help and it might also be helpful to get a piece of plastic over the back ‘window’ area. I’ve noticed lots of wind blowing on the back of the heads of my rear seat passengers with the open window. I’ve got a clear shower liner waiting to be cut up and velcro added for a test of how effective blocking the rear window would be.