New Gem Question - Electric Heater

So my Gem was optioned with the little three vent electric heater and it never put out a ton of heat but it was at least something you could appreciate.

Tried using it today and the blower motor works in “fan mode” and “heat mode” but there is not any heat being generated in “heat mode”.

I don’t think I have tried to use the heater since I converted to Lithium and then did the controller upgrade. Does anyone think the heater could be affected by those upgrades?

It’s not the end of the world but I would kind of like the heat to come back to my heater. LOL.

Same thing happened with one of my HV conversions. is the lithium pack you installed same voltage as OEM or you went HV? I think I’ve read in the tag on the side of the heater that its rated up to 72v. hoever in my case it didn’t heat after a High voltage conversion, however the car came without batteries, so I didn’t know if it was working before.

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The heater uses both of your voltages. 12v for the switching and fan and 72 for your heater coils.
Look for the 72v fuse make sure your heater coils have power.

I haven’t taken one of the GEM heater boxes apart yet but every electric heater I have taken apart had some sort of internal heat fuse in the box. It is usually a single blow and you are done type. It is there if if the airflow gets interrupted (blocked/fan quit?).

If that fuse got hotter than expected (from the higher voltage?) then it might be possible to source another and get it working again.

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Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the heater in a 2002 Gem? Mine blows but no heat. I have a volt meter but it would much better to have a wiring diagram before I start poking around