Extra wires?

So I am starting to tear down both of the cars in order to rebuild them into clean machines and I found some extra wires that appear to be factory just dangling inside of the dash. I have searched high and low for PDSM schematics with no success so I am just hoping someone knows what they go to…

First set is under the dash yellow/green stripe and orange/gray strip these both exit a loom together and have female spade connectors on them.

Second set are just two wires that seem to route into a loom and possibly go back to the T3 controller but without breaking open the loom not 100% sure. These are green and orange and again have female spade connectors.

One thing that I have not found on the 05’s is a turf/street switch so wondering if that might be what one of these sets is for but before I go hooking anything up want to see what the experts have to say.

As always thank you for your help and happy thanksgiving!

email me I have an 005 diagram


Did you get it figured out?