Venting a GEM (T5) Controller

Live in FL where heat is a problem. Want to find a solution that will consistently reduce the heat buildup on the controller. Noticed there are two round areas inside the controller cover. Seems like a great place where some PVC pipe can be securely connected to ensure a dry connection. Is it safe to pipe in some forced dry air through the controller to remove the heat buildup?

Is your controller throwing a -41 overheat code?

It is far better to keep your controller sealed and cool it by sinking the heat away through the base.

Depending on your car, there was a finned unit with a fan that mounts on the bottom of the controller for the REAL heavy footed consumers of the little amperes.

A creative fabricator could easily make up something and stick it under there.

They have “cool air kits”
You use a Elevated Heet sink and some thermal paste and a small fan that blows Air there the heat sink and keeps the controller cool

Here is a picture of a car I did. Also notice the plastic Air ducts that re direct air into the motor and controller aera

Here is a picture of the plastic air scoop

I live in south FL and have built many high performance Gem’s. Controllers cool themselves on the bottom Stainless plate. If you pull the controller you will see the areas it contacts the frame, around the perimeter and in an X pattern through the center. Get a High quality thermal paste and put it everywhere in contacts the Frame. This will transfer heat to the metal frame that will act as a radiator. do not put it in areas that are not in contact with frame. this will be sufficient in most cases. Second choice is to put an aluminum heat sink on the bottom of controller as pictured above, this will help even more.