41 code remedy 2005 gem

My 05 Gem after about 25 minutes of continuous operation at varied speeds most of it below 15 mph it shows the 41 code ,overheated controlled, any itea how to remedy this.

Put a fan and a heatsink on the controller. There is a kit available I believe.

Any idea where to obtain these items?

Stan Riva

Google should bring something up.
I actually have a heat-sink almost like the one @grantwest put on his Gem.
If he checks in I’ll post a picture to see if he thought it would work.

Thank you

Stan Riva

I bought my Heat sink from a guy on EBay. I think I payed like $90 for it. Check out a thread in the Fourm called “Cool Air Kit”

Gem sold a cool air kit or it was a Option for cars that operated in high temp areas that included a Heat sink and fan that blew over the Heat sink via key power and air ducts that directed air into the motor

. I have only had this 05 car a few months and I live in north central florida and it can be quite warm here.

Thank you

This is the one I have.

7" x 11"



Thank you

Stan Riva

Inwo, do you still have that heat sink for the controller?

No, I wonder if @LithiumGods has one left.
I might have similar.

Thank you for rapid response. I’ll try Dave.