Water vs electricity

Hi I will like to convert my 1994 mazda miata to electric; so far I
have evaluated the warp9 motor but just today a thunder storm
reminded me that i live in a “RainFores”. Had any one found a
way of protecting the electric motor from flooding?

Depending on motor you can it use even underwater, more complex is controller part. Well this is in case motor used is AC, BLDC or similar. In practice AC motors are widely used in outdoors solutions and there are not only rain, but also frosts, and mix from one to other, and then it can stay without use for months, if oiled properly, and then used without any special preparations. So I don’t see any problem for decent motor do get in direct contact with water, including flooding it too.

RC motors (brushed & brushless) can run submerged. Of course it requires a higher service commitment as they require cleaning & oiling when this is done. Many use a technic for breaking in brushed RC motors by submerging it in water and running the battery pack out then dry & oil.