I have searched long and hard for this, for many hours, without finding any definitive answer. I realise there are many sub sections to the types of motors under the headings of AC and DC, but i am turning to you for some assistance. if you could provide me with a link to a website or post a reply that lists pros and cons of the types of common electric motors i would be incredibly grateful.


You have to decide what you want, I understand with ac you can do a direct drive eliminatating the transmission, ac has a different power curve on the delivery of power to the motor. If I do another conversion it will be a ac motor. I will turn the pumkin on my f150 90 degrees so it will point straight up in the bed of the truck and couple the electric motor directly to it. AC motors are more costly than dc motors. I have spent about 7500 dollars on my car so far, and lots of hours “countless hours”, so you have to make the choice and not change in midstream as it can be very costly. My dc motor will drive the transmission from 5000-5500 rpm most efficently, I don’t know what ac will do. I will drive starting out in second gear and most of my driving will be done in second or third gear.

if you want articles on that topic look at articles comparing the new brushless motors in rc cars to the older brushed motors they have used for years. rc car, boat and plane brushless motors are ac motors. and brushed motors are dc. it seems the rc community doent seem to realize this. I lived in japan and everyone who raced rc cars called them ac motors. so i went with it. when i moved to the u.s. i went into a hobby store and talked to the guy who seemed to be very serious about rc racing about local events, and also asked about racing with ac motors. he just looked at me like a deer in headlights till later though some explaning he figured out i ment brusless, he accully had no idea they where ac motors.

anyhow there are tons of discussions on this top in the world of rc.

Yes, as i understand Ac motors are more expensive, but thats a price im willing to pay if it seems that i am getting value for money. There seems to be much more than brushed and brushless avalable for full sized electric vehicles, many of which, from what ive read about, dont seem to be available in the r.c. world, aswell as some r.c. motors that arent available for electric cars, like 'Rare earth motors '.

in addition to my previous question, a few more questions:

1)Should i buy a motor that revs high and its mean power is rated at higher (not peak) revs? or revs high and mean power is rated at low revs?
A high reving engine Vs. Moderate reving engine?

2)Is it true that an electric motor’s max power is around ‘5 times’ what it is rated? i.e. 17kw = 85kw Maxpower

3)Should i use the ‘5 times’ rule to find an electric engine that is comprable to my petrol one?

3)synchronous, induction, 3 phase, series, servo, brushed Dc servo, brushless Ac servo, liear or stepper? are these suited to different drive styles/vehicle types?